You are NOT your Body

Right now, from May 15 through June 15 actually, we are undergoing great physical transformation.

During this process we become completely aware of ourselves, our bodies, what works for us physically and what doesn’t.

But The Physical Transformation Process is not only about your actual physicality but also about your physical world in general. Work, carrier, home, family, finances etc. Everything that has to do with the materialistic world.

This weekend, May 28 - 30, 2021, we are going through an immense, deep and profound cleansing of the physical world, also the body. Everything that has been, or still is, toxic for you will be leaving your body now. Isn’t that just AMAZING?

It might get hard for some physically. It might get hard on the level of materialism. However, this is really good. What might not seem as something good right now, there is a promise that it will be and of a much better tomorrow because of this happening.

Imagine your body being full of toxicity e. g. hormones, heavy metals etc.

You want that to go, right?

And if you hold on to a job that isn’t good for you or friends or study or whatever, expect that or them to take its/their natural leave from your existence.

It might create a sense of fear or anxiety within you but only for a moment.

You will soon realize that this was the best thing that could have happened for you.

Remember that…It is FOR you, not against you.

This weekend-energy also brings another message with it:


You are in fact the soul that has chosen to go into this body with a purpose of communication, to get you where you are to be.

So, let me see if I can clarify this for you and make this statement more edible.

Your body is to be compared to a car or a vehicle of any kind.

Your car is not you, and dah…of course you know this, right?

However, when you get into your car, the car becomes you.

The car itself does not have a consciousness, so it imitates yours and thus becomes a part of you.

Totally logical if you see it like this:

You drive on the freeway and all of a sudden someone hits you from behind. You will feel it because you are in the car that is being hit, you might even get hurt from it.


Because the car became you the very instant you got into it.

You do not become the car, the car becomes you, because it is a matter of who is conscious and who isn’t.

Your body is like a car. It doesn’t have a consciousness on its own. You bring consciousness to the body. Like being a conscious driver….or not…

Your body is the means of your communication, a part of your expression just like your car is an expression of who you are.

The physical body that you carry, your car, doesn’t need other cars not to feel lonely.

Your car, which is parked in your garage, doesn’t sit there and cry because the neighbor had to take his/her car to the supermarket. The car does not feel lonely, and neither should we.

Even if you are in your own home and in solitude, you are NOT your body, so even if the body is alone, it doesn’t have to feel sad or lonely. You might, your actual self might…But only because you relate to the body as your actual self, which it isn’t. Instead, we are guided now, to focus on the energy, our soul, which is in fact who we are. The soul is ALWAYS connected to everything that is, which means all living, all of divine creation, every living human being and everything in the natural surroundings.

Your vehicle, your body, just like a car, needs gasoline (food) to run, to get you where you need or want to go.

It needs care, nurturing, and sometimes extra protection, like a car. And the more it is used, the faster it ages, the more care it needs. Which is another way of saying that your body isn’t equipped to handle any kind of stress, it will cause for it to break down eventually. It needs rest, proper care and to be treated well at all times. Sometimes it needs new oil and a new oil filter. Just like your body can be in need of cleansing.

This is what is happening now, and it’s being vacuumed, washed and polished. LOL

You are going to feel awesome when it is done.

But you are not your car, and you are not your body.

That doesn’t mean that you are not to care for it.

It just means that you are transitioning into a higher understanding of yourself.

Also bear this in mind, that you don’t punish your car for not being a different brand than what it is. You look the way you do for a reason. Thus it would be awesome if you could find it within to choose to be at peace with your body, let your love shine through, which comes from your soul, the actual you, and it will transform into being your true-love-expression and less fear-based-expression.

Some people drive a Maserati other people drive a Fiat 500, like I do. Even if I had $10,000,000 I would still drive a Fiat 500, because it matches my energy. It comes in a small package, it is not high maintenance, drives many miles per gallon BUT has great style and a unique expression that is totally its own.

You are such a beautiful and unique expression of love.

And you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have an awesome weekend, starting today - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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