You Are a Unique Expression of Love

Have you ever experienced attacking yourself in thought?

Thoughts like; I should look this way…I’m too fat, too skinny, crocked nose, thin lips, wrong color of hair, eyes, too big ears etc. Do you know those thoughts?

If so, also know this: These are thoughts of your ego attacking your body to prevent you from expanding in love.

Consider this, which is the truth to be exact:

Your soul, which comes from source no matter who you perceive yourself to be individually, individuality is not real, we are all one coming from the same source, the same energy source, which is light, which is love. Nothing but love, only love. Your soul thought you into physical life. A thought creates an emotion which then manifests in the physical realm. Therefore, you look the way you do simply due to the fact that your soul, meaning the essence of you, were meant to look the way you do, feel the way you do, act the way you do, in every now, because you are meant to attract people, situations, circumstances that are in alignment with your unique expression of love. Even your physical body is an expression of that exact love that you represent here on this planet right now.

You were never meant to look any different from what you are right now. Also, the physicality is in constant change, is never the same, your origin of energy is always the same and never changes, because it is love from one giant source, one huge love bubble also known as God or Divine Source.

Each attack-thought from ego changes your physical appearance. Why? Because that is the opposite of love.

When you accept yourself and choose to be at peace with how you look and feel, you will connect with internal peace, find peace with yourself. When you choose to do that, your physical body will fall into alignment with that and change accordingly, which then means you become the pure expression of the love that you are meant to shine here.

The ego-attack-thoughts are the ones changing your body, so it becomes an expression of fear.

So, actually, in the state of ego-attacks you are not expressing the truth of yourself, which is love, so also not physically.

Let your first step towards a pure expression of love be that of self-acceptance.

Acceptance of who you are and what you look like, right now, is what we know to be called self-love.

Your choice now is to be the expression of the opposite of these ego-atack-thoughts of what think of yourself or the truth of what you are.

Are you expressing fear and want to live a life in fear (fear isn’t really real, just an illusion coursed by the ego, which isn’t really real either)? Or are you love (which is the only truth) and want to live a life of love?

Again, no matter if you have these egoic attack thoughts, don’t punish yourself for them, just know that they aren’t really real and that you can make a different choice now and change your life for the much better.

You are exactly where you are meant to be no matter what.

Your origin, however, is always love and you are definitely meant to grow into that fully and be the expression of that throughout. Every day, every hour, every minute and every second.

You are worthy of that level of uniqueness. You are not meant to be or look like everyone else, just as they are not meant to look or be like you. That is the beauty of it all. We come from oneness, we are all a part of the same source, but we are here to learn from one another, grow with one another and love one another in our own unique way. How you look and the way you are in the now is for your expansion in love all the time, and thus will attract exactly what you need when you need it for that reason alone.

When you change how you think about yourself, you create a different flow of emotions with you, which the leads to a change in the body too. The most important thing to acknowledge is that you radiate what you are thinking and feeling, so all it takes is a change of thoughts and your unique beauty will shine through.

The body is always changing, and you can choose to change it for the better right now.

Not by punishing it for not looking a certain way but by loving it, being at peace with it and then it will become the expression of the unique love that is you, and that is always beyond just physical beauty. That is what will attract the people who you are meant to have in your real reality and not illusionary and fake thought-reality.

You deserve the best in life and in love - You deserve to value and appreciate the unique you.

You bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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