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Updated: Nov 19

Explosive expansion and human spiritual growth is here.

The Month that Changes Our Narrative

Changing our narrative...?

Yes! Meaning that we are changing the way we talk to ourselves and what we are telling ourselves about our life, which creates our perception and becomes our general outlook.

It is nothing that we have to do anything about ourselves, it will be given. It may come through sudden epiphanies (awakenings), reflections through other people and/or situations. However it chooses to enter our lives, it will change what we have thought completely. Explosive expansion and human spiritual growth is here.

Dreams & Wishes Fulfilled

November is the 17th universel month, which connects us to the energy of The Star in the major arcana in the tarot.

The Star connects us to the sign of Aquarius (usually) which is about an adventurous life, connection to the collective and oneness. Today I would like to connect it to the sign of Virgo, as she is the virgin, the pure, the open and receptive energy of the feminine. She is the open channel that is here to bring spirituality and the divine energy down to earth through her physicality. She pours Divine Love from the Divine down to earth to everyone willing and ready to receive. She is the healer and the healed. She is the energy of dreams and wishes fulfilled.

The Star connects us to our Soul Star, the chakra/energy wheel above our heads. We are guided to wear an open crown, so to speak. To open our Crown Chakras, the energy wheel on top of our head. To focus on this area and move up and out into the Soul Star. To connect with the violet and white color; to wear them, surround ourselves by them and/or meditate on them.

It is the Divine Matrix implementing the ego-matrix, which translated into English means that we are uniting our human self with our spiritual self. UNION IN THE SPIRITUAL HUMAN BEING.

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

November 8 we have a Beaver Full Moon with a full Lunar Eclipse happening in the sign of Taurus.

During a lunar eclipse, the Moon, Sun, and Earth stand in a line with the Earth in the middle, causing our planet's shadow to be cast onto the Moon. During eclipses, the veil between worlds is thinner and everything happens more quickly than usual.

This event provides us with huge shifts in our individual and collective value systems, financial paradigms, relationships (how we view them), and general perceptions of life. It will create opportunities for us to let go of old attachments, sense of identity, and outdated ways of being and get in touch with our inner resourcefulness and creativity.

It will be affecting our sense of ´safety and our need for stability, which is not easy to satisfy now. We are learning to become more adaptable with each change we accept and thus eventually more resilient to whatever comes our way. The real challenge is to find true self-respect so we don't get caught up in the material world. When we accept ourselves for who we are, it will become easier for us to find both inner and outer.

The Lunar Eclipse is a message of FULL FALL OF ALL ILLUSIONS,Root Chakra related; family, finances, living situation, job/carrier, home.

After the shedding of the illusions, creating a new narrative, we will feel drops of the heart dripping into the Root Charka. LOVE MANIFESTING INTO PHYSICA REALITY.

New Moon in Sagittarius & Jupiter Going Direct

A New Moon is about new beginnings and manifestations. When the New Moon is happening at the same time as the planet of luck and abundance, Jupiter, goes direct again and in the sign of Pisces. This change of direction can mark a turning of the corner for certain projects and relationships. It’s also about our outlook and attitude, we enjoy increased enthusiasm. With Jupiter direct, our confidence in ourselves, our beliefs, and the universe is building. We are more lighthearted and ready to share ourselves and what we’ve learned with others. Our dreams and goals are in focus, and they’re moving along! This is the final direct turn in the sign of Pisces before Jupiter moves on in December, this time, not to return to Pisces until the year 2033.

This New Moon awakens the adventurer in us. It prompts a focus on goals that increase our understanding and awareness, give us the courage to expand our horizons, and gain confidence and optimism through a broader perspective. With this potent Sagittarius energy, we discover ways to transcend the details of day-to-day life and nurture our faith, hope, and vision.

A happy month ahead, where we will see our lives changing generally speaking due to our change in perspective and perception. We will experience being ego-confronted with our overly focused material desires (or thought needs, based on our fears of what we think we need to survive vs. what we actually need)) and how it affects our life. Two weeks later, with the New Moon and Jupiter going into direct motion again, we are opened to all the new that really is for us on a soul level. [Source to astrology: https://cafeastrology.com]

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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