The Week Ahead_Under The Powerful Influence of the Full Moon

For the week of May 16 - 22, 2022


The Week Ahead - Spiritual Guidance & Predictions

First of all, the event we can't avoid this week is of course the Super Full Flower Blood Moon with a full eclipse (thus the Blood Moon). Also, for this to occur during the beginning of the Mercury retrograde is so incredibly empowering. What is being empowered within us all is the ability to delete negative self-thoughts, which we then transform into positive ones. It is the major delete button that's being pushed here.

The eclipse is representing the temporary eclipse of our Root Chakra. It's the universe shutting our tendency to materialize everything and be dependent or even co-dependent on our possessions down. This is actually a good thing. I understand that it may feel a bit disturbing to not be able to see how life is going to unfold because we can't plan as much. But it's going to show you where your ego is the strongest and thus also the most restrictive in your life. The restriction is actually a prevention against FREEDOM. Who doesn't want to feel FREE? But most people don't realize that physical possessions often bring us a lack of freedom instead of providing us with a sense of freedom. NOW we are releasing that to get into the stuff that REALLY and GENUINELY matters such as ACCEPTANCE, TRUST & PEACE.

Messages Received

We are being guided by numbers this week, so do pay attention to reoccurring numbers in your life, or just numbers that stand out to you in some way. The messages will of course be of an individual character. Feel into their meaning/message before you look it up, it's important!

YOUR own experience counts more than the translation or interpretation by others.

Otherwise, I suggest you go to it can be very helpful in the understanding of the numbers.


The message for this entire week is LISTEN. Maybe not in hearing exactly, but more as a message to PAY ATTENTION to what is happening for you in your life. Look for the gift in every connection and every situation, no matter the energy of it, there is always LOVE coming through in one way or another. So, pay attention to the gift of love. It's all about REFLECTION.

Daily Spiritual Support

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We still have this inner peace and calm with us, which is quite interesting due to all the astrological events happening, but it is because the emphasis on the heart is making us come to deep realizations about what LIFE is really all about. It is beautiful really. The beauty is when the heart starts to blossom and expand in LOVE. Where we all of a sudden feel this depth within us and in our love that we have never felt before. The deepening of bonds, connections, souls (re)connecting with each other in gratitude and with such an intense presence that we have never felt before. I am honored to be a part of this time, are you?

You will see, very soon if not already, just how LOVED YOU ARE and HOW MUCH LOVE YOU HAVE TO OFFER. What an amazing thing. What an experience. What a LIFE TRANSFORMING TRANSITION from ego into so much more LOVE.

We are being overpowered with the need for each other, to collaborate, communicate, reflect.

It's the energy of the Goddess Pachamama, who sends her continuous energy from the center of the Earth up through our body and all the way into Heaven. She is in every cell, in every thought and in every feeling. She connects us to the earth and to each other through the Earth Grid. Moves humans to be close or closer to each other for the benefit of the planet and its citizens.

No borders are considered, because these are merely human made and thus not important.

She moves us through desire, love, collaboration, healing and oh...did I say LOVE?

This week we are BLESSED beyond words. Don't think so much about it, just allow yourself to FEEL and take it all in.

The Full Moon has set us free, free to explore, free to love without restrictions, free to BE, simply BE who we were intended to be at this moment in time and Gaia's history.


You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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