The Original Human BEing

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Humanity has been caught up in the five senses for a long time.

We don’t attach to them, don’t honor them until they are not.

A seeing person doesn’t focus on the seeing part of life only in the presence of someone who is blind or in case the seeing person loses the eyesight.

We don’t get caught up in the senses, as in, we don’t pay much attention to them, however we are in fact caught up in them in a way that pulls us away from ourselves and much more into what surrounds us.

The actual human Being

The ‘normal’ five senses are:






…and then there is the 6th sense.

The 6th sense is NOT just one sense but multiple.

The 6th sense consists of higher dimensional experience of the five senses.

Clairvoyance = Seeing

Clairaudience = Hearing

Clairalience = Smelling

Clairgustance = Tasting

Clarisentience = Feeling

Claircognizance = Knowing

All gathered in what is known as INTUITION, which is a gathering of what you may not have seen, heard, smelled, tasted or felt consciously but on a subconscious level. Our subconscious then communicates its knowledge to our Solar Plexus, where our nervous system gathers, and tells us that something is to be noticed more closely.

The 6th sense, which is actually 6 senses, are just as much a part of the human being as the 5 senses that we are so used to.

Some are born with these senses wide awake, others grow into them over time and then some that never will…Or, they will because they are present whether they pay attention to them or not.

We are all born with them. Some are carefully wrapped up as gifts to be unwrapped over time, some were never hidden. Humanity’s growth is all in the awareness of them and growing into utilizing them consciously.

Developing extra senses that are already present

I have met people, such as myself, who went through deep trauma, which then caused the 6th sense, with all of its senses, to awaken.

I have met people who pushed themselves into things, spiritual education, that would cause this type of trauma to the physical body so that they would awaken their abilities by force. Just for the record, I don’t believe in that approach.

I, myself, consulted a spiritual lady once, who was to help me close off to these abilities, since I sincerely didn’t want them. They were taking up too much of my physical ressources, created fear within me, so I wanted them to be gone. Instead this woman ‘took me in’ and through her type of education I was to sit out in a forest from 8 pm to 8 am, all alone, without light, food or anything to keep me occupied to completely strip me from any sense of safety. I declined that part of the program, so I didn’t get my ‘diploma’. At that point in time, I already didn’t care for a diploma, I knew what I knew and have always followed my guidance and this wasn’t it. BUT it lead me into a thinking process, a type of investigation, where I wanted to find out why this method was actually working.

The answer was clear as day.

When you remove your eyesight, through sitting in darkness, you become more alert and start using the other senses including the 6th one. You expand through fear. We all know this. We know the feeling of being scared and all of a sudden we are above 100% alert.

The question remains the same now as it was back then:

Do we need fear to grow into love?

Do we need to feel terrified to leave our 5 so well known senses to move into the 6th, which adds another 6 senses?

The answer is as it always was: NO, we absolutely don’t. This is a taught program and not reality.

What this spiritual lady wanted me to choose for myself was to go through something that I had already lived through as a child at the age of 3, just a month before my 4th birthday.

It is like tearing down a wall with a sledge hammer instead of using the door right in the center of it.

Instead, what I have come to understand, is that all it takes is self-love, which will provide us with the trust we need in ourselves. Yes. Because…and here it comes…YOU ALREADY KNOW. Your senses, and that includes all of them, are always with you, never left you, and in each moment they have guided you throughout your life this far and will continue to do so until you are out of physical form again.

So, what it all comes down to, is your awareness of them, growing into understanding what you are aware of to, ultimately, grow into a conscious usage of them.

What happened to make us unaware of this?

The ego happened.

The ego is what demands your full attention for physical survival. Ego is your survival tool while in a human body. What is interesting is that if we use all of our senses we have a bigger chance for living instead of surviving, which we will not, without any shadow of a doubt. We will die eventually. So why bother with survival? Why not focus on living while we are alive?

When utilizing all of our senses we become more present in the present. More alive. We experience every miracle. We love more, dare more, are more due to the simple fact that we choose to BE what we are and not live from ego (fear) which we are not. The ego simply provides us with the sense of individuality but in a world of duality, where we are living to experience that life is an experience in connection to others, to our surroundings. We cannot live if not mirrored through varies experiences. We are all one.

To experience oneness with all, first we have to experience oneness within - inner union so to speak. We have to be made aware of not WHO we are but WHAT we are to understand that oneness.

We create awareness, then we come to an understanding of what we are made aware of to finally grow into consciousness of it. This happens in stages and on levels, like climbing a ladder. All it takes is for us to decide to take the very first step upwards and we are already on the way.

This article was meant to open you up to the fact that spirituality is nothing mystical, it is simply human. Spirituality = BEing. You are a being learning to BE even more of what you are.

Start climbing!

You bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

It is not really that mysterious, it just is and always was.
Bringing spirituality down to earth.

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