The BIG Misunderstanding about the Twin Flame Journey

Based on and reflected through personal as well as professional experience.

The Twin Flame journey is THE MOST EVOLVING AND EXPANDING experience that you as a human can go through but it is also the most MISUNDERSTOOD and MISINTERPRETED one.

I am aware that what I have to share here is likely to be opposed by those who find themselves on this and in this right now, however I feel the urgency and thus the need to express my truth in hopes that others, who are or have been on this journey, will come out of it with themselves and their hearts intact.

I couldn't stop myself from laughing when I saw a commercial on YouTube one day showing a couple, who called themselves Twin Flames, in which they talked about what you as a Twin Flame need to do to reach physical union with your twin. The reason for me laughing was that they stated that if you would do what they had done and buy their product you would eventually reach the union of your dreams.


I have absolutely no doubt that they mean well and have the best intentions, but it just isn't true.

As one who is a Twin Flame myself and through all the work I have done with Twin Flames from all over the planet, I am able to verify and confirm that no matter what you do as an individual you simply can't force or bend another human being according to your personal desires.

Also...This is NOT the meaning of the Twin Flame journey in the first place.

What is the Twin Flame journey about if not that?

In very short, and what I have mentioned time and time again in my many videos on YouTube; the Twin Flame journey is ALL about ascension and the way to do it the fastest.

In which ways is it fast tracking us?

It is an awakening of your connection to SELF.

It brings light and attention to your original abilities as a human being and what we are here to achieve as a species: ONENESS.

It shows up in different forms but mainly through:

  1. Telepathy

  2. Mirror touch synesthesia (or simply clair sentience).

  3. Thought insertion (as if someone else has placed their thoughts into you, or in spiritual terms; clair cognizance).

  4. Smelling or tasting synesthesia (what the other person is smelling or tasting).

...Just to mention a few, which can vary as types of this 'shared body syndrome'.

Maybe you weren't aware that these abilities/spiritual gifts are actually at everyone's disposal. The Twin Flames are here to create awareness about that. But how is it possible to create awareness about something you don't know even exists?

It isn't!

That is what the Twin Flames come to know, come to the awareness of through mere personal experience.

You meet and there is a sudden connection that is so unbelievably strong that you feel like you have lost your mind or your experience of self entirely. You become one with another person from which there is no escape. As time goes by you learn to live with it, deal with it, and in the dealing with it we seek information about what it is that we are experiencing, which was exactly what I did and ended up with the explanation Twin Flame Journey.

My journey began in March 2013 with my first twin, expanded with the meeting of a second twin in December 2015 and reached its ultimate state when I met my last in March 2020. I am still experiencing myself as a Twin Flame but now in a much different way. And BTW, yes, you can have more than one, which I will get deeper into shortly.

First of all, I would like to share that I no longer am in its claws or feeling trapped in the idea of physical union with another human being, the Twin Flame, which I most definitely was until 2018, because this was the promise made to me from upstairs, or so I tought based on the understanding and view I had at the time. Since then I have been brought to the understanding of what it truly is all about and I have been guided to put it out there, which is what I am doing here.

As mentioned earlier, the Twin Flame journey is THE fast track of ascension. And let's face it, there is no greater motivation factor than love.

The question then is what the journey is an ascension towards.

Some claim it to be the journey towards and into 5th dimension, which is not all together wrong, but it actually goes much higher than that.

It travels beyond the 5th dimension and all the way up through the roof of dimensional experience and into the ultimate truth. The dimensions describe the amount of ego versus love, so the higher you climb on the dimensional ladder the less ego and the more love you are in. Once you are out to the dimensional experience, you will see that the dimensions were just illusions and there is no ego, only love. Here is where UNION resides. Union equals the atonement, the union with source which is also the experience of oneself as a divine being, or put in other words, the achievement of the knowledge that we each are either a divine feminine or divine masculine and we not only know it with our minds but we become the embodied version of it.

The Ultimate Union

The ultimate UNION is with one's self as a divine ray of love. The union with God.

Once we are here we will see that love is in everything and everyone. Dualism is completely out the window along side with the ego and its illusions.

When we are here, we understand that it is our job to see or seek for the love in everything and everyone, and then enter a true love connection with one who is him/herself a match to that.

The Twin Flame journey is here to show us what we are in fact totally capable of as we are ascending to the original human, who doesn't call the spiritual abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience etc. spiritual abilities but just accept them as normal human senses.

In reality these doesn't exist either because they are connected to the dimensional experience, which isn't really real. What IS real is ONENESS and through that we are one with the all knowing power as well, the mind of God, source or The Divine, call it what you may.

Indirect & Direct Twin Flames Explained

this path towards the atonement or union with your own divinity, as a part of The Holy Trinity, we meet the Twin Flames who are our solid push to rise.

We have both indirect twins and one direct twin. (see picture).

In this hexagon you see the green circle, which symbolizes you and your direct twin. The orange ones symbolize the indirect twins of which we each have 6, meaning that we are connected to 6 other twins who each have their own direct twin. I have met all of them. The first I believed to be my direct twin, now I know better.

You might meet all of them, as I have, or you might only meet one, which would be your direct twin. It depends on what you are here to do and how much you need help on your path of ascension. So, I guess I needed a lot of help..hahahahaha!!!

Another fact is that we can meet both men and women of our triads as he indirect twin.

In connection to The Holy Trinity, we are connected to triads as a part f the Twin Flame Journey. As you can see in the picture, we are connected with 6 triads in total of which you will find yourself on the top of each one, as each other will experience them on top of theirs. No difference in hierarchy, all in perfect equality. It is only explaining how we each are our own experience of the world.

The Beauty

The higher we climb on the dimension ladder, the more we have worked to reduce our ego and there we have made room for love. If you take a look at the picture here, you will see the upwards pointing triangle as the dimensional ladder and the downwards pointing triangle as the receptivity or acceptance of love. In other words, 1st dimension hold little love and the 9th dimension almost full love and the ego in the size of almost nothing. It isn't until we have moved above and beyond the 9th dimension that we become all love. From my personal experience, we don't stay up there, we only go for short visits every now and again. Otherwise we continue to travel through the dimensions through ego-triggers. Only difference is that you have become aware of the ego as an illusion as well as how it functions, so you control it fully through the tools you have learned to master and thus can get yourself out of it by making the choice to do so.

The Twin Flame journey is POWERFUL when handled with love and through love. Eventually it will bring you to your absolute highest version of your SELF and you will never go back to who you used to be, you are forever changed into something much more YOU.

Your physical union with another might be your direct twin and it might not be. Fact is, it doesn't really matter, only to the ego, who wants to feel special and have a special relationship.

LOVE doesn't place any conditions on itself, it just is as you as love just are.

Let yourself get into the flow on growing consciousness and allow whatever to happen and come to you what may and you will be and feel so free. Free to love, just love and be in love. No judgement on how love should be or with whom. Only acceptance and joy of what it show you that it is for you and in you.

Congratulations of you are still here with me by the end of this article.

And congratulations for being on the path of LOVE.

You are love and nothing else as there is nothing else, nothing more and nothing better.

You are ALL OF IT!

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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