Sexual Healing in the Realm of the Masculine

Oooohhhh….interesting message coming through.

Sexual healing in the masculine.

What does that look like and what does that mean?

In my vision, I see a naked man (no one in particular, he doesn’t have a face). This mas has a firm right hand grip on his C*ck. Standing tall and proud of his physique.

And of course he would, why wouldn’t he and why shouldn’t he.

This is his GOD CENTER. Where he rules. Where he creates from.

With that said, it is also where he connects the main part of his ego.

Either through it being normal (whatever that is) big, HUGE or too small…Virile, high libido or the opposite. Whatever he can connect with feeding the ego negatively or positively.

As we are undergoing this great physical transformation process (May 15 - June 15, 2021) now the time has come for the masculine man to cleanse himself, to reduce the size of his ego in connection to his penis and the use of it.

What he is learning is that this is in fact where his strength lies. Not just in the physical but also energetical. Here is where he feels his divinity. And here is where he, through the woman, connects to the heart. His semen is his life force energy and now he is coming to a deeper understanding of how it is best used in his favor and with most respect for those involved.

When a man ejaculates, he releases some of his life force energy. Either it is spilled and ends up in the trash can or toilet, or he may give it to a woman. Yes, of course I understand that there are homosexual partnerships which of course changes the image, however there is a reason for this explanation, which doesn’t take homosexual relations into consideration. I apologize if that insults anyone here, that is not my intention.

When he penetrates a female he activates her heart energy, thus many women fall in love immediately after sex. So, dear man, if this is not what you want, be mindful of entering such a connection.

If a woman is able to have casual, random sex or one-nightstands, she is without shadow of a doubt in her masculine energy, which means that there will be two masculine energies in the bedroom, or the male would have to enter the feminine energy to create balance.

If a feminine woman has sex, she can’t deal with one-nightstands, it will simply break her heart.

So, what the male is learning and integrating during this month of physical transformation is exactly this understanding.

As a man you wouldn’t want your creative life force energy to go to waste, would you?

You only want to give it to create even more, wouldn’t you?

By penetrating a woman, who has an open heart, the man will start the energy movement in the Tantric Circle. The Tantric Circle is an energy that starts with the man penetrating the woman, which send energy from her vagina to her heart, from her heart to his heart and back into his genitals, where it again goes into her and travels from her vagina into her heart and so on.

This beautiful energy can only run smoothly if both are willing and open to give and receive.

If a woman opens up to a man and it ends up breaking her heart, her heart decreases in size and energy. And if you give your life force energy to a woman, who doesn’t know how to receive you, you are not going to feel fully satisfied, fulfilled, honored, accepted and so on, because then you won’t feel loved.

Oh, the difficulties of being human….

The sexual healing is all about gaining new understanding and respect for our differences. To learn to love our differences.

It is for the masculine man to feel the energy that is truly running through him and to understand that this is where his strength and divinity lies and only to offer it to a woman who can receive him as the masculine man that he is (no matter his size).

From my personal experience, I have felt the hurt of being in my masculine and misusing my sexual energy, as well as allowing someone to misuse my sexual energy, while in my feminine aspect, resulting in a decreased heart chakra.

It meant for me that I had to take a severe time out and go celibate for 1 ½ years, later again for 7 months to purify and cleanse myself from old connections.

I have fully stepped into my feminine now, which means that I no longer allow a man, who isn’t aware of his own energy and masculine strength, to enter my body. I honor my heart. I honor my sexuality and I honor the man who will be with me in the future. I wish for him to know that allowing him into me means that I am giving him, and only him, my heart, my presence, my undivided attention and respect as well as love.

So, for one I am incredibly happy to see this energy coming through to us to transform us now.

It is happening now because there has been too much ego connected to the sexual act.

It is time for it to be connected to the soul, as it was meant to be all along.

We are not supposed to use sex to feed the ego, either in a negative or positive way. We are to LOVE and use our sexuality to express that love.

Dear man, you are an amazing being when in your strength, your masculine energy, your truth and your wonderful and powerful divinity. You are a master creator, strong provider of security. Honor that about yourself and you will protect the woman you choose to be with. She will be amazed when sensing your energy and thus she will be more than happy to give to you the most sacred gift she has to give.

Dear woman, you are an amazing being full of love and you deserve to, first of all, honor that about yourself. When you do, you will be able to meet a man with an open heart and give yourself to him fully and without hesitation, because the man you will meet will know himself and what he brings to you as well. He will protect your heart as well as your body. He will honor you as the sacred feminine you are.

We are moving closer and closer into more and more intimacy, true love and present love-making. This is really powerful and it will change our future in a very positive way, as we make more room for love in our lives.

You are an amazingly unique expression of love.

And you brig peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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