September's Blessings of Sovereign Acknowledgement

WELCOME TO SEPTEMBER and welcome to the first month of fall in the Northern hemisphere. It's weird to think about how the summer has already passed, and it went so fast.

September is the month of blessings of feeling heard and seen as the being that we are.

No more hiding. No more shaming. No more blaming.

Just pure being and being acknowledged for just that.

September is the 15th universal month. In the tarot the number 15 is The Devil/Pan. In Greek mythology, Can is the god of the wild, shepards and flock, rustic music and impromptus and the companion of the nymphs. Also known as the god of fields, groves, wooded glens and often affiliated with sex, thus also connected to fertility and spring, new life.

As The Devil in the tarot, this could very well be the month where we face our addictions, whatever they are, and make the decision to get rid of them once and for all.

It could also very well turn out the be the month where we fully allow our rawness to come out and be known and shown in public. A month where we get to the inner state of 'I don't give a f***', which can be a great state to be in if we have been in states of comparing and caring too much about what other people might think of us - even if that is something that will always and forever be out of our field of control anyways, so we come to see just the ridiculousness of even the attempt.

September brings the blessings of sovereign acknowledgement and acknowledgement of our sovereignty.

In numerology the number 15/6 (it reduces to 6) is called The Feminine Force, the number of charisma; a strong, feminine vibration that contains great erotic power, pleasure and sensuality, aesthetic sense and artistic abilities (ref. Pan). The number lights into the darkness and heals others. In imbalance there is a tendency to be manipulative, to have mood swings, jealousy and unconscious manifestations of the ego and unprocessed emotions. The number is the most occult number which gives the ability to travel between worlds and planes of consciousness.

- A month that will be great for easier ascension, growing consciousness - also in our relationships/partnerships with others.

It may also turn out to be the month in which we become more and more aware of our own toxicity and learn how to deal with it as we deal with it. To know our own flaws is to know our own challenges and complexes. When we are made aware of them and in that space decide to deal with it instead of hiding or running from it, we mature in our essence.

The number 15 reduces to a number 6 (1+5=6), which in the tarot is represented by The Lovers; to make choices based on love. Also a clear indication that UNION, unity (consciousness) is highly likely. A period where love takes the from seat, the new kind of connections/relations form and we grow together in new, rather profound ways. The best way to know oneself is through reflection, through our relations. To sum it up, September will be a month where we get the chance to experience our strength in awareness, consciousness and relations.

Happy September for all.

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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