NEWS_September 24 - 26, 2021

Unique Inspiration

First off, what is a Divine Feminine?

A Divine Feminine is a woman who understands that she is a divine being, who knows all that she is and is capable of. She understands where she is coming from and why she is here.

A Divine Feminine lives in her heart. Not the physical heart but the heart as in her sovereign love.

She knows that it is with her heart that she can change the world and that she is here to do just that.

She is passion.

She is creativity.

She is softness.

She is sensuality.

She is sexuality.

She is the goddess embodied.

But above all, she is LOVE.

Welcome to a weekend in the energy of the Divine Feminine.

Either it is time for you to level up in consciousness of who you are or it is time to step up and be the expression of the Divine Feminine Embodiment.

Where does this leave the Divine Masculine this weekend then?

Well, as a masculine or Divine Masculine, you are the protector of the Divine Feminine.

Let her be what she is here to be. Support her every endeavor.

Shield her, guard her, love her.

For a woman to truly step into her femininity, she has to feel safe.

Many women have moved into their masculine to protect herself, to provide for herself or simply because she was taught that here was where she needed to be if she wanted to fit in and be successful. And that, ladies and gentlemen is a big pile of BS.

As a Divine Feminine she understands that her softness and love is her power. As a Divine Masculine he understands that he is the physical strength and support system for the feminine and that his strength is his focus and wants.

Dear woman, you can't be a masculine without losing power. When you feel that you need to protect yourself, you are in fear, which is the direct opposite of what you are by nature and divinity, which is LOVE.

When a woman is in her masculine, she is in her absolute weakness, the ego, which holds her firmly in a grip of fear.

When a man is in his feminine the name thing goes for him. He is then in his absolute weakness, ruled by fear, controlled by the ego.

Dear souls, move into your strength and don't allow the ego to take over and take away your power.

In this day and age, many people live in their weakness and in everything that they are NOT.

Who has to lead the way and are the first step towards coming home into our sovereign nature?

Let the feminine lead the way!

All this stuff about equality has been mixed with identity.

We are not to be identical - not even similar.

We are to be each other's opposites and through this find wholeness, completion and union.

Equality is to have utmost respect for each other's differences, honor and learn to understand how much we actually need that to make this world a better place.

Equality is to hold space for each other and learn about each other.

Dear woman, allow yourself to be soft, to be what you may experience as vulnerable, which is to open your heart and express your authenticity.

Lay down our guards.

Step out of the masculine entirely and embrace the power that is within the feminine.

Learn to utilize your nature and see that being in this true nature of yours is the most empowering you can do for yourself and others.

You are the embodiment of love when in your feminine divinity.

Don't be afraid.

Let go of that paralyzing fear and LOVE with all of your heart, everyone and everything starting with yourself and your femininity.

When the feminine leads the way, she makes room for the male to be who he is meant to be, a Divine Masculine, in all of his amazing power and strength.

Don't bang heads with him.

Let him be the head so you can be the heart.

Spend your weekend honoring your true energy.

Step fully into it.

Practice it.

You are worth it!

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful weekend starting with this beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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