NEWS_July 28, 2021

Unique inspiration

Today is a day to get down and get practical.

It is a very close connected to the root chakra kind of energy even if we are in the month of Leo, a fire sign that is more passionate and creative, connected to the sacral and heart chakra energy.

However, to make room for the creative and passionate life, sometimes we have to get rid of the boring to-do-list, which feels like constantly emphasizing our bad conscience.

Today is that day, where we release ourselves from the old to do list containing stuff that we have been procrastinating to make room for a new to do list containing all tofu the stuff that we really want to do, maybe this list is better off being called a bucket list. A list of dreams, desires, wants and wonderful imaginative things that we wish to make real.

Imagine the relief when you have gotten rid of the old and boring stuff, removed them from your life completely. HUGE EXHALE and SIGH...Now, now there is room for all the you-stuff.

So, get it done and get to good part.

Unfortunately it is often like this; there are things we HAVE to do and things we WANT to do.

The HAVE-to stuff is always a pain.

So, instead of emphasizing the pain for you here, I would like to invite you into a good feeling to get you off to a good start.

Have fun with the 'old' stuff. Change your perspective on it by only looking at one thing at a time, not the entire list.

Plan to give yourself a special treat once you have done each thing on your to-do-list, and make it a good one, a really good one.

And always remember this: YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE.

By choosing to get stuff done you free your mind and release the pain og 'needing to' or 'having to'.

Remind yourself that the choice is yours in everything that you do.

You can choose to do it and bring relief to yourself.

Or you can choose not to and eventually add to your list of bad conscience. OR you can choose to not feel anything about it and just not care...and then see how that works out for you.

But the choice is yours.

When you have gotten rid of the old you have made room for the new, and it feels so much better to start planning ahead when you have release the old from your mind. Hereby you create space for creativity and passion. Renew yourself mentally.

Such a wonderful and practical energy we have today.

Enjoy it and make good use of it....Now, my gutters around the house is calling my name...argh...I will have fun with it, I tell myself. All I know is that I will feel awesome when it's done and I will make myself a nice cup of tea and treat myself to a piece of chocolate once I have finished my task.

And then I will sit myself down and start planning for my business for the rest of 2021, which is NOT on my list of 'don't want to's' but on my list of dreams...

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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