NEWS_July 27, 2021

Unique Inspiration

The energy for today leads to great CHANGE once again. This time around it is CHANGE in self-perception and thus perception of others. We are moving into deeper collaboration through the experience of togetherness, eventually leading to the understanding of oneness. But first...

As I have mentioned many times before; the past is in the past and the future hasn't happened yet.

Yesterday evening I was watching Vikings, the series on Netflix. I have seen it before but this time around I see into it in another way. BUT what I want to say with this is that the seer in Vikings says something remarkable in S3 E7. He says: My visions are only understood when they have happened, and when they have, they can't be changed.

This is pretty much what people ask for when they wish to know about the future, myself included. We want to know what lies ahead so we can prepare ourselves. But often the messages comes in codes or visions that can be hard to understand without the awareness and consciousness, which is why these two aspect of self are the most important ones to create.

Awareness comes before consciousness and the understanding in between.

First we have to be made aware of what we didn't know, then understand what we have been made aware of and through this insight/knowledge come to an understanding, become the embodiment of it, which eventually leads to extended consciousness.

On the path of growing consciousness, we come to an understanding of ourselves and thus also of others. We will eventually come to understand that we are all one.

Focus will always mirror your reality, also when it comes to other people. Your mirror is everywhere, in everything and everyone, the question is if you are aware and what you come to understand through the reflection.

Today says to us to LOOK and CHANGE you perspective, which will change your perception of reality. This change doesn't happen in the past or future, it happens in real time, which is the present moment. Only in the time that is real we will come to understand what is real and what is not.

Let me ask you this: What is really real or realistic? Do you know?

I will share my understanding, which means my answer to this:

No, we don't know what is realistic, we don't have the mind to conceive of such greatness. All we can understand is that we are real, our true love is real and fear isn't. Fear has led the way for many for too long now. It is time to rule from love, in love and with love. Everything that even smells like it has been touched by fear isn't real.

So, yes, we can understand what is real but never what is realistic.

Still, for so many people out there, there is a belief that fear is real, which it really isn'.

It is time for us all to extend the love to transform humanity out of fear. But before we can do that, we have to meet the energy of today that says CHANGE HOW YOU PERCEIVE YOURSELF AND THE WORLD WILL CHANGE WITH YOU.

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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