NEWS_August 6 - 8, 2021

Unique Inspiration


A great emphasis on the LION, which spiritually sends a message that your greatest power is found deep within your heart!

So, this weekend will carry you home, into your heart, in which we are to expand, grow more and create more space to love even more and in a completely new and different way.

Lately I have been called to the Vikings again. The last time that happened was in 2018 in my way to Maui. Back then I got a vision of a compass, which turned up during my Google search as a Viking's compass.

The message that was given to me at the time was to find the direction of 'new life' through the way of the Vikings.

Of course not in their way of raiding but their way living a life in equality between the genders.

Women were just as much a part og the Viking's Expeditions/raids as the men were, if they so wanted.

They understood each other's differences and similarities and how to utilize them and create from them as well as living in harmony with each other.

Now I am being called back into the energy of the Vikings, which will take me to Trelleborg, a Viking's Fortress in Slagelse/Denmark, to touch base with the energy of the earth, what is kept for us to receive in the soil of the Vikings. Tomorrow I will be in Roskilde, where they build Viking ships, based on the remains of original Viking ships that have been found there in Roskilde Fiord/Denmark.

Men and women need each other, want each other, desire each other. But we have to move away from the way that we think equality is made by becoming identical , WHEN WE ARE EVERYTING BUT THAT. This path has only led to more confusion in the populations, gender confusion and weak masculine women and weak feminine men.

We don't belong in the opposite energy of what our gender is.

If you are a (heterosexual) woman you ARE indeed meant to be FEMININE.

If you are a (heterosexual) man, you ARE indeed meant to be MASCULINE.

I have put heterosexual in parenthesis, because there is a difference when it comes to homosexuality, in these cases each person will feel within themselves, which energy they feel most connected with.

The energy of the weekend is ALL about that; finding our way home to our true self in all its glory and originality. It is time to go back and step forward into a new world that is in actual balance.

Not to mistake for a weak try to balance inner masculine and feminine energies. That is merely a 4th dimensional perception of reality.

Now that we are rising up through the dimensions, (and yes, 5D Earth is not an actual place to go visit, it is a state of consciousness, a level of perception), we are to figure out how to be with each other and live amongst and with each other in a new way. New Earth brings newness to all and everything, every single aspect of life.

I wish you a wonderful and powerful weekend in the name of the Lion in you - Dear soul with the strongest and most beautiful Lion Heart.

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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