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Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Get your VERY own Sun & Lunar Prediction Reading

As something completely new, I am offering the chance for YOU to get your VERY own Sun & Lunar Prediction Reading - THE MOST ACCURATE READING YOU HAVE EVER GOTTEN.

But I should not be the one telling you that, even if I have had amazing experiences myself with tis type of reading since I channeled it a few years back, instead I will allow some of the people who have gotten this type of reading tell you about their experiences with it.

Reviews from clients who have had their Sun & Lunar Prediction Reading:

"As someone that studies astrology for years, this is the only place where I have ever seen this type of reading. The first time I received this reading, years ago, my energy was in Scorpio and so many important people with Scorpio Risings entered my life and are still a big part of my life today. As someone that has had many astrology readings, I can say that this type of reading is totally different than any you will find out there. I am always blown away!"


"I really love the Sun & Lunar Reading, it is different from other horoscope readings, but I experience that the guidance I get from these readings goes deeper and are so accurate. I think it is because they follow the moon cycle. My Lunar sign is Virgo now, and I see people from this Sun sign showing up in my life, for these relationships to be healed. I can really recommend Elizabeth and her Sun & Lunar Readings."


"This version of astrology readings has proven to be a lot more accurate in my experience, making it a wonderful guidance tool. You get predictions for your traditional Sun sign and also the more specific Lunar sign. The idea of Lunar signs is really interesting and truly brings a new perspective and level of clarity and guidance. Checking up on and discovering how your Lunar sign matches up with the themes of the year is fascinating. My Lunar sign is now in Scorpio, and transformation and going deep is definitely what's been on the menu...I'm so happy that Elizabeth is offering these amazing readings again!"


"I know Elizabeth since 5 years. At first through YouTube, further in an exclusive group. Back then I also booked a session. Whenever and wherever I asked for guidance it came in such a way that I needed to hear it in that moment in time. So, the Sun & Lunar Readings are also so on point. Because of the combination of the Sun and Lunar. Honestly, it was confirming my own guidance and more deeply explained where and why things had happened and what was unfolding for me."


Thank you to you beautiful goddesses for sharing your experience with this type of reading and me, I am honored and very grateful.

The story behind this reading

The Sun & Lunar reading was channeled to me in a mediation approximately 2 years ago.

Back then I tried it out on myself first and those closest to me, to find out the accuracy and longevity of it.

I was surprised at what I found. It was amazing. And looking back through the years, I could totally see the effect of my Lunar birthdays and the impact the different zodiacs had had on my life.

I receieved guidance as to how to place the cards and what each of the constellations meant etc.

By the way, the spreads that I have done on YouTube have always been guided directly to me

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