My Beloved, my most beautiful reflection

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Through the different stages in life we meet different kinds of love. We evolve through the love of and from our parents, and our parents teach us how to love others, how to be loved but first and foremost they teach us about self-love, how we deserve to be loved, which results in how we love and receive love from others. When you reach the age, where you start to feel attracted to another in the way that ignites the fire within you, that love is a reflection of how you love yourself at that very moment in time. This reflection continues throughout your life and results in the love in your relationships. But, and this is really important to mention, as you change self-perception and grow in self-love, so will the reflection change in your relationships and for each change, each expansion, for each deepening of the love you feel for yourself, so will the love you experience with another grow as well.

The love you feel towards someone else will always and forever be a reflection of the love that you feel for yourself.

I know this might sound as if you never really love someone else exactly, ultimately this is in fact the case, but there will be people reflecting your self-love better than anyone else at every given moment in time. If there is one person, who you align with better, it is because you are ready to see, feel thus receive this exact level of self-love - if not, if the alignment isn’t present, the relationship will need some serious cooperation to work or eventually find its end or maybe even never come to be. When a relationships ends, you might think or feel that you have lost that love. But listen, this can never be. You will never ever be able to lose a love that is a reflection of what is coming from within. It was always within you, still is, always will be. From every day forward, it is a matter of your awareness and reflection upon the reflection of your love. Is it in fact a match to you or not? Are you lowering your standards to be with someone or are you trying to be someone that you are not? Whichever it is, this is bound to fall apart. There is only one way to reach unity with another, and that, dear souls, is called AUTHENTICITY. Only through your authentic self (-love) you will meet, connect and unite with your perfect match. And remember that a perfect match can be momentary, depending on your individual as well as mutual growth. If or when a relationship ends, remember to FEEL and ACKNOWLEDGE the love you had reflected. This was a divine gift, a grace that was shun upon you for you to see that kind of love within. Every reflected level of love is shown to you as a gift, for you to see what you consist of. Remember that the love is your love and you are capable of loving exactly like that. What a blessing to get to see.

Sometimes a relationship lasts, other times it is short and sweet. Yes, you might not see that exact love reflected back to you in that exact way ever again, which is ok too, because another, different and likely an even more expanded love will show itself to you through another, when you are ready to receive this part of yourself.


And the beautiful love you can share in harmonious connection with a specific other, is what we are all wanting, wishing for or living in. This love is the ultimate connection to self-growth and expansion. This is where you get to feel your insides through lovemaking. This is where you get to grow physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Yes, this continues into the next generation, through the lovemaking resulting in a pregnancy, which continues to pull your attention inwards. So, the ONE connection that takes you deep within, can create more, a deeper, a continuing connection to yourself, your love and your life through the creation of mutual energy, through a child. This is also why the love you feel, when in a relationship, is so strong, so intense, so incredibly breathtaking, because you, subconsciously, know that you could potentially multiply and extend the love to 3, 4, 5….HEY STOP, there has to be a boundary sometime….LOL Even in cases of infertility or meeting each other at an age, where pregnancy is no longer an option, we will see couples getting a puppy, buying a new home or whatever project they can throw themselves into that is similar to the energy of mutual creation - something new and exciting that needs both parties to engage and make an effort. This love is beyond anything else. So deep that in worst case scenario, the partner has to choose between the couple's child or the other parent, when the love is real and deep, the partner will choose the counterpart and not the child, because when it comes to a child, ultimately the couple can have another one, but they would never get another counterpart to mirror that significant love in that exact way - That would be completely impossible.

Food for thought…

Where is your love at? Are you single? Are you in a partnership/relationship? Are you in an aligned relationship? Are you actually experiencing the love connection on the level of your self-love or are you settling or striving? Are you in a beautifully aligned partnership with your beloved, CONGRATULATIONS, you so deserve it! If you are single it might be the time for you to accept that you are capable of love and ready to receive. If you find that you are in a relationship out of balance, then be authentic about it with each other, open up and figure out if this is something that you, through full cooperation, can change and do together or if it is time to transform into another future. It is easier to stand strong together, when you are ready to have each other's back than it is to stand together but alone in the heart. Then it's better to stand strong on your own and find the one who can stand strong with you. Wherever you are with whoever you are with or not - love is the key, love is always right where you need it. You bring peace to the world by loving yourself. Have a beautiful day - Namaste Elizabeth Lund

The question is if you focus on walking in the dark or if you are looking for the light.
There is light at the end of every tunnel.

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