Mercury Retrograde

- a bringer of significant gifts

Wow, this Mercury Retrograde definitely has its upsides this time around.

It turned retrograde yesterday and instantly I got one epiphany after another.

Mercury is the planet of communication and rules Gemini, which it is retrograding in.

I have Mercury in Leo, the same as my sun sign, which is ruled by the sun, so I expect to have a blast when we have both Mercury in retrograde and the New Moon solar eclipse on June 10, 2021. I don’t expect to get a lot of light into my life and communication that day, so a good day to be in a silent retreat for me.

Mercury has taken me retrograde in my communication by bringing me back to my ‘old’ business.

However, I have been getting the signs for little more than a month, but it wasn’t until yesterday it truly kicked in and clicked within me.

When Mercury goes retrograde usually it affects all communication, including all technology, conversations between people both in texts and verbally, often creating misunderstandings.

And usually we are guided not to sign anything or make any deals during this time.

This retrograde started yesterday, May 29, and continues through to June 22, 2021.

With a Mercury Retrograde everything we put a re- in front of is what to expect. BUT this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. This specific retrograde is feeling different to me. It feels really good. However, it has already triggered malfunctions in my tech, which is quite annoying, but I can manage.

The New Moon solar eclipse will bring extra power to the retrograde, so just be mindful of that and remember to safe everything on your computer so you don’t lose it.

On to the upsides…and they are many. In general, we get to re-encounter ourselves.

We meet people from the past and come to realize why they were left in the past to begin with while others come back for a reason, so we get to see how much we, ourselves, have grown and how other people do too. We get to experience from scratch.

We get the chance to re-examine our wants and desires, our dreams and wishes. Are they actually coming from the heart or are they merely representing the ego?

This retrograde comes in right after a very strong and intense full moon in Sagittarius, which demanded our strength and empowered us to stand in ourselves and up for ourselves. This ignited the energy for this retrograde, which is totally magnificent. We get to really stand our ground and live up to our full potential.

There is also a sense of gathering. A sense of re-connecting with the past to pick back up whatever really worked in the past, bring it into our now, for it to also become a significant part of our future.

As I said, this Mercury Retrograde this time around, is very important for us.

Whatever you re-gain during this time will bring the pieces to your purpose-puzzle completely together for you, which will allow you to see the big picture.

So, wherever this leads you, know that you are being blessed and the universe is handing you significant gifts. It is all for the best and to benefit you and for you to reach your full potential at this moment in time.

You are a unique expression of love.

And you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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