How do I love myself?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

What is self-love really?

Self-love is loving actions and reactions for yourself. It is to make sure that you feel good as often as possible and that you leave any kind of situation and/or interaction with someone feeling good and not down in any way.

Self-love is multiple paths to take and some all at once.


Self-love is to honor yourself, respect yourself, stand up for yourself, express yourself without holding anything back, which is also to be authentic.


It is to nurture yourself, listen to yourself and your needs before anyone else’s, it is to do what you love to do, it is to follow your passion today, it is to follow your dreams now and not later.


Self-love is to relax your mind, release any kind of worry and anxiety, which is based on something from your past that is dragged into the present and then the future, so of course self-love is to release the past and accept that it is gone, outlived and not coming back in it’s old form. If something from the past comes back it is never as it was but in changed and transformed shape.


Self-love is forgiveness, to forgive yourself and others and not carry old baggage around, bagage that leaves you bitter and angry or only provide you with shame and guilt.

DETACH FROM THE PAST, whatever it was and whatever it takes.

MEDITATION is good for all of it.


Take good care of your body by providing it with enough clean water and the right kind of food for your body (type). Detox from any addiction such as sugar, coffee, alcohol and other, whatever they might be. Cleanse your physical system in honoring of self. Move it in dance or any kind of exercise that your body prefers - not our ego.


Connect with all that you are, your entirety, your multidimensional existence. Listen to your intuition, it will guide you to the best path for you and away from what isn’t to your benefit. Your soul, your higher self needs your attention, crave your awareness. When you allow yourself to be all that you are, you will feel better in all areas of your life.

Self-love is all of this and not to leave anything out; BEING PRESENT IN EVERYTHING AND ALL THAT YOU DO EVERY SECOND. The first step in tantra; INTIMACY, which is to be in the now with all of your senses - the 6th sense too.

You bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

Accept yourself and love is right there.
Self-love is acceptance of all and everything that you are.

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