Let the Feminine Lead the Way

Early in 2020 I kept hearing this one sentence in my mind: Let the feminine lead the way.

It took me almost the entire year to feel into the meaning of these words, but they moved in gradually, so I could share it in 2021. One thing is to get the message, another thing is to embody it and live it. But when that has happened, when the understanding has become your reality, your consciousness moves with it and expands.

Let the feminine lead the way doesn’t mean to give all the power to women.

It’s not about power at all and thus not power-struggles between the genders either.

It is a matter of heart.

It is not about you as a woman being a president, board member or leader in any way - only if you so choose.

It simply means for the women to step into her power-center, her heart, and lead from it. Lead with love. Be the one to take the first step into her open heart (maybe she has to work on opening it first), feel the softness of it, the love that is in it and start living from this place.

As a woman, you are the primary feminine.

As a man, you are the primary masculine.

Equality between the genders have been misunderstood since the 60s.

We are not to be the same, not even alike.

We are different in every way.

All we have in common is being human.

If a thought creates a feeling and then becomes manifest, just look at how men and women would have to think differently, feel differently to become that different in physical manifestation.

The world will be a much better place when we start respecting our differences and let them be expressed into oneness with each other. As different beings, just think how we could develop and create when collaborating, cooperating trough union…as a whole instead of a woman in her masculine and a man in his feminine. I bet you don’t find this attracting anyways…(same sex relationships may differ from this)

When a woman lets her inner masculine take charge of her life, she automatically will attract a feminine man as a partner and visa versa.

If you as a woman want a man who is a strong masculine, you are to lead the way through choosing to empower and live from your primary energy as a feminine.

This is not about placing blame on anyone, but when women experienced being suppressed because of their gender, they pushed back and thus pushed the men out of their masculine. When women started living from the inner masculine, also to protect herself, men simply had to change, as this dualistic world demands magnetic attraction to create a whole.

This also means that we are the ones, as women, to release that push and get back into the energy, in which we belong; to make room for the man to step into his power and for the woman feel her own.

The misunderstanding that the feminine is the weaker energy is to be corrected. It really isn’t.

Neither is the masculine.

Both are equally strong but in each their way.

(If you are interested in reading more about the specific energies, masculine and feminine, please check out my blog post from 03.22.2021: https://www.uniquebylund.com/post/do-you-trust-yourself)

The feminine is in focus for all women to acknowledge within themselves.

The feminine energy isn’t weak, isn’t to be neglected or looked upon as a passive energy, she isn’t.

She is a creative force, passionate, sensual, giving, loving, nurturing and caring energy.

The greatest creative force we have as human beings is LOVE.

Love lives in the center of your heart, which is the center of your being.

There is no life without heartbeat translated into; there is no life without love.

The female goddess center is her heart and every woman in her feminine will live best from her heart. This is what the Universe calls for now; that the world will be led from the heart and not the ego.

Ego will of course tell you that this is completely wrong and an error that must be corrected sooner rather than later. However, I am here to challenge that, challenge the ego.

We all experience a world where more and more people are in search of love. The only thing is that they have yet to see that the love isn’t a product to look for outside of themselves, but the essence of our being within.

Love is what we all come from, are created from and what we are here to experience and live out.

BUT…and this is a BIG BUT, this realm is dualistic, which means that everything has its opposite. So, the opposite of love, not hate, but fear, which comes from the ego, will flare up and stir your being whenever you connect with true love - both within and with another.

Many of us have travelled a path of heartbreaks, heartaches, disappointments in love, feeling like a failure, not having what you perceive as your needs met etc. Many of us, almost 100% of us, feel that we come from dysfunctional families, where love was not a part of ‘the daily bread’ but something that had to be earned. Thus, many beings here on earth don’t feel deserving of love.

Again, this is why the world is suffering, is in deep agony and a sense of torture, because the ego is the part of us that we allow to rule our world instead of love.

That’s why I am here.

I am here to extend my inner love out into the world, so you can see that it is possible to live a life in love and (almost) no ego.

To reach the place of love it is important for us all to take responsibility for stepping into our primary energy, woman in her feminine, man in his masculine, to hereby create the circle of life.

The circle of life is from the male god-center, his cock, which goes into the female’s virgina, radiating into her heart, activating it, from which she then sends out love into his heart, activating it, which makes him want her even more and so on…

We need each other to make a whole world, to create and to manifest.

Just look at how this beautiful love making is what we need to make babies, create new life.

We need each other or the world will come to an end and that very soon.

It is not that a woman can't do what a man can do, or a man can't do what a woman can do...It is more about seeing that we don't have to. By doing what we feel like doing, and when that is based on us living from our primary energy, we create space for each other and each other's differences, so that we ones again can pay tribute to our differences and love them all the way.

We need the love and to hold space for one another while growing into this ‘going home to where we each belong’. And guess what? It’s all a matter of choice. Make your decision to do it and you will, so it doesn’t even have to take that long until we are there.

We all want love, and we all deserve love.

Dear woman, lead the way. Step into your feminine and make room for the masculine man. Again, if you need a little help with that, go have a read on the blog post I mentioned earlier, it will guide you. Or you are more than welcome to book a session or sessions with me, and I suggest these ones: https://www.uniquebylund.com/service-page/love-expansion-sessions-10-sessions?referral=service_list_widget)

You bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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