HOI Exclusive

Become a member of HOI Exclusive and get EXTREMELY HIGH monthly value!

From October 2021 House of Idems' Elizabeth Lund is offering a chance to join this special and very favorable community.

I started this community to create a safe space in which we can all share whatever we are going through with each other. Ask questions and get the answers. Grow into all that we can be and live the life we were meant to, all the way and in every aspect of it.

Whatever you are going through know that you are NOT alone.

On the path of spiritual evolution, which is actually about coming back to our true nature and abilities as human beings, it can feel pretty lonely at times. It can also be quite disturbing in a sense of trusting the experiences we have, the energies that we feel and that can result in great inner doubt and confusion.

I wish to change that!

I wish for everyone here to experience that they are not alone. That what they are feeling and experiencing is totally normal through providing you with daily messages of what you hopefully will experience as valuable confirmation.

Spirituality is actually human normality.

As we are moving into higher states of consciousness we grow more and more aware that what is known to be spiritual abilities are actually a part of every single living human being on this planet, and that everyone therefore has the chance to evolve these abilities and make good use of them in their every day life.

This community, of which you are about to become a member, is to assist you as much as possible to grow into these abilities and learn how to trust them completely - without any shadow of doubt through providing you with monthly gifts of transformation.

Here is what you get:

  1. First 30 days for FREE!

  2. Monthly Live Q/As to get answers to your personal question(s)

  3. Sun & Lunar Readings for each zodiac sign (the only place you will see these)

  4. Daily Energy Updates; what is happening and what tools can you use to optimize your day?

  5. Full Moon Events

  6. New Moon Events

  7. Monthly meditation in accordance to the monthly energy

  8. Special offers on events, workshops and courses

  9. Each month, ONE LUCKY MEMBER will be chosen for a FREE 20 min session

  10. Special Channeling for members ONLY

All of this for ONLY $49 per month, first 30 days FREE trial, so you get the chance to experience what you gain first hand.

We are all here on this wonderful earth to experience LOVE and all that it has to offer.

Unfortunately that also means that we have had to go through times of living and experiencing quite the opposite, and today most people live their lives in everything that they are not instead of what they truly are, which is LOVE.

This membership is meant to lead you into living a full life in all that you are and leave behind all that which you are not.

So, come and join HOI Exclusive and allow yourself the chance to enhance your heart, your love, your spiritual self and become all that you are meant to be and in fact always was!

I am looking so very much forward to be putting all of my efforts and many hours into your spiritual thriving.

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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