God Blessed the Broken Road

I slept in, which means that I didn’t get up till 5.56 this morning.

Wow, it’s been a while since I slept that late.

And the very first thing going through my mind was these words:

“Lovers who broke my heart, they were just Northern star, pointing me on my way, into your loving arms, this much I know is true…God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you…”


Again wow, just so much love coming in, passing through.

I get up and make myself some coffee and sit down to read the lesson for today in A Course in Miracles, and the title of the lesson is “God is the mind with which I think.” Perfect. Just perfect!

When we reach a certain level of consciousness, we are not stuck in the mind of error, the ego, we have decreased it so that God is the one coming through us in every thought.

That was also a message for me one day, when I was asking Jesus to guide me in my creation of my new reality in 5D New Earth, since I couldn’t use the old template. And Jesus’ response to me was this:

“No matter what you are thinking and no matter what you are feeling, just create from that space. Every thought you have and every feeling you have is above 5D. Just GO!”

It took me a few weeks to really take it in, but I did.

I finally understood my journey.

Yes, today is a very personal message. Today I am guided to share little piece of myself and my story.

Hopefully to create reflection within you and to inspire your continuing growth in love.

So, I guess I am the goddess of the day…haha!

So, before sitting down here to write you this, I went outside to sit with the birds and listen to their music, and while sitting outside on the terrace, I was guided back to when I was a little girl.

The images I got was of me around 3-4 years old. I was in the local swimming center with my mom. At the time, I only got to swim and play in the kiddy-pool, and I wanted more, more, more!! I was SO much into swimming and water. Every time we went, as I recall it was every Friday, I would go to the bigger pool and speak to the coach there. His name is John. My all-time favorite coach. And I would ask him when I would be big enough to join his team in that pool. He would show me with his hand that would be just above my height. I would actually do this every week, until one day, FINALLY, I was tall enough..oh, and 5 years of age.

So, I started swimming in the bigger pool with John as mu coach. Oh, I loved him so. It brings me to tears thinking about him today, I am getting quite emotional, which kind’a took me by surprise. Why, I wondered. Because he had so much faith in me. He saw my talent and he did everything he could to get me to a place where I would be capable of joining the better team asap.

Under his attention, care and training, I won my first championships.

I didn’t dare to jump in from the stool, so he would elevate me down into the water and as the competition gun went off, I would swim. Everybody who jumped from the stool had an advantage, which John made sure to tell me every time I would jump from it. Guess what…I won anyways. And the first local club championship brought me 3 gold medals.

Swimming was my everything, my all. I loved it more than I can describe.

I stopped loving it, when I stopped loving myself. I lost all faith in myself, my body, everything about myself. 11 years later I stopped swimming all together and I haven’t really been swimming since, other than in the ocean or a pool but looking like one of the pensionists that used to swim on Monday evenings in my local swimming center. And I used to be so good at it. I swam on the best team in the entire club at the age of 14, and had a Danish Championship gold medal in 400 meter medley.

I so clearly remember the day I quit. I was ashamed of myself and felt so guilty for leaving. After dinner that night, the doorbell rang. My mom called my name and asked me to come to the door. I was a former coach of mine, not John though, but the woman who had forced me off her team to join the best in the club, which I had resisted. I didn’t want to compete. On this night that I will never forget, she asked me to please come back. Told me that I was too good to quit and that I owed it to myself to come back. I didn’t!

The energy of the day, presenting itself to me in this way, is the emotional transformation happening.

Here I am being showed when I stopped loving myself all together.

Swimming was the most important part of my life. Here I felt seen, heard, talented and so loved.

But I had gotten afraid to lose, afraid not to be loved, so I stopped both with the swimming and me loving myself.

Instead, I started training like a mad woman.

Stopped eating and only had very little food - just enough to get by.

It is time for me to take back that energy of the little girl consulting Coach John. She had all the self-worth, self-esteem, self-trust and an energy that just wanted to be better and better and better, but not out of self-hate or punishment of myself, but out of LOVE FOR WHAT I DID.

This healing started for me back in 2013, when I took my children to the same swimming center so they could learn how to swim properly, without me being the one to train them.

All of the ‘old ones’ were there and now the ones leading the show. As I walked in, they all came to greet me and welcome me ‘back home’, and right away I was offered a job as coach of teams with children in the ages 5-12. I took the job. My last coach, Thomas, was there too. We were standing talking and he looked into the long pool and noticed this little girl. Then he said: Elizabeth, is that your daughter? Oh, indeed it was…He told me that he could see it in the way she moved in the water, she was just like me. Then he took her from the team she had started with and placed her under his coaching on the Talent Team, leading to his top teams. Incredible. Micas was a different story. He didn’t love the water. He more or less looked like a Smurf after having been in. All blue, inside out. He was not in his element. LOL.

John was my very first man outside of my family, who put his time, effort and love into me.

I will always remember him as someone really special to me and a man who helped me be the best version of myself. He didn’t punish me for not daring to step up on the stool before a heat. No! He told me the consequences and when I won, he had to be like…”OK, your call.” He trusted me and let me lead the way for myself. And of course, I ended up jumping from the stool eventually. LOL

Today, I see through the light which is God, receive with a mind which is God’s and now I see so clearly, how God blessed the broken road that led me to where I am right now, and for that I am eternally happy. Never have I ever seen this time of my life so clear, and never have I felt more loved.

Today i got to see myself before allowing my surroundings to program me and see the path back to that space. It took around 30 years.

I love and cherish every single one of you who has decided to join me through this read. I really do! And I only pray that I can guide you, inspire you and be your point of reflection to your own divinity. Like John was with me.

You bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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