Full Moon in the sign of Leo; FOLLOW YOUR HEART

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

…But with a focus also on the better good for all involved.

This Wolf Moon is an invitation to step into your light with a great deal of passion and have some fun while doing so!

Every full moon is a time for culmination of energies, completion of cycles, illumination of what has been hidden, release of what no longer serves you and resolution.

Today’s full moon represents nothing less than all of this too, but with an energy from the sign of Leo. Leo is both a fire sign and a fixed sign and it demands attention in a profound way!

As it occurs in the sign of Aquarius, Leo’s counter-balance-point but also assisting sun sign, which is also a fixed sign, there is no getting around this energy.

This energy today comes to us with these questions: Are you in balance between your ego and the collective?

Whatever it is that you desire now, is it serving both you as well as others?

(Leo representing ego, Aquarius the collective).

Both fixed signs create stability through their element and the air of Aquarius added to the fire of Leo we have quite a bonfire to look forward to.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign and fixes on a continuum that reaches into the future and is more than willing to show tenacity and persistence to push for reform or personal inventions.

Leo, as a fire sign, mainly on the ‘self’ in such as career, self-expression and ongoing respect in their chosen fields.

With these two fixed signs holding the Sun and the Moon today, there will be a demand for commitment with a certain stubbornness to see this energy through, which is to find the balance between the ‘me’ and ‘others’.

My man and me!

It is said that Leos and Aquarius’ will feel this full moon the most. HA! Here is the thing.

My beloved is Aquarius, and I am a Leo, in the zodiac exactly opposite of and from each other, and yet this is THE PERFECT BALANCE, the healing of balance as well as the teaching of balance. Super perfect for a lifelong partnership.

We balance each other out more often than not. Each of us has something to offer to the other of somewhat a counterweight in our every-day-life.

What is interesting about our connection is that he sees me as the most selfless person he has ever known and himself as more self-focused. While I see him as so giving, nurturing, caring and loving. We are both aware that ego is a part of our existence and we do our very best to decrease it on a daily basis…Some days we are, of course, more successful than others at that specific task. When one of us moves, so does the other and we learn from each other, we are an inspiration for each other, and we love each other. This is exactly what this full moon is sharing with us all. Look to how your self-love and your positive ego can be a gift to others, to the world.


This full moon connects to Jupiter, the planet of luck, exploring ideas, and with a sense of optimism, which makes you want total freedom to go for what you really want in life. It is also linked to Venus, which is the planet of love and money, so both areas you will be fired up to go for what feels right for you.

On a personal note, this full moon is offering my beloved and I are facing a test to our mutual balance act. To me it feels somewhat like walking on a very fine line, on the edge of a knife, but without the umbrella to keep me up there, as my ego is triggering me into old patterns in connection to romantic relations. While my beloved is in the middle of his mastery of inner balance, self-love and care versus his outer performance and ambition and how to balance those in an even better way going forward.


How are you doing in your relationships? Remember this doesn’t only affect romantic connections but ALL relations.

Since the New Moon in Aquarius on January 13, I have felt this great impulse to take action, to explore, to expand - both in my private sphere and in my carrier. I have had multiple ideas and seeing them evolve into physical manifestations and that only within these past 2 weeks.

Now the full moon is offering a time to take a really close look at, but from a perspective where it is possible to get the grand overview, to see the bigger picture as well as the silver lining, what this past month has offered you but doesn’t go with the future you see for yourself. Release that. Let it go and get on with what is important to you.

If you approach this full moon with positive intentions, optimism and HEARTfulness, you have the opportunity to create a better environment for yourself where you’re more in charge of your own life.

You bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Elizabeth Lund

With a Full Moon in Leo it is time to MAKE A WISH and know that YOUR WISH IS GRANTED.
Full Moon in Leo; the moon of the wolf.

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