From a Jack to a King

As I am sitting here at my dinner table, watching the sun rise being the trees on the other side of the lake, I hear the birds singing a lovely flute concert and the male swan sailing around on the little waves on the lake, while the female swan is tucked in in their nest. He is still building on it. Constantly tending to renovate and add extra to the nest to keep it comfortable for her. Her beak is tucked in well under her wings and she doesn’t move an inch. I do believe she is warming her eggs. I can’t wait to have little baby swans swimming around on the lake. Nature is amazing in its originality and morning peace.

I just received a letter from my children’s school, a private school in a town called Slagelse.

On the 1st of April, the school celebrated its 140-year birthday. To honor that the school leader (a woman) has sent out a letter with a lot of historical data. The data she has chosen to share is old notes from the school administration and board, which speaks of closing of the school due to the Spanish Flu back in 1920. There is a passage telling a story about a little girl from 2nd grade arriving too late for beginning of the class one morning during WW2, and when she was asked for an explanation as to why she would arrive late, she said: “I am so sorry, sir, the Germans were shooting in the street, so I had to hide in Butcher Petersen’s shop.”

Another story that the school leader shares is that of gender equality.

In 1914 women were given the right to vote and thus the topic of equal salary came up too.

Here it is shared in form of a letter that 5 female teachers had written and signed to the school board, asking for equal pay. To top that, they explain how they are educated teachers, whereas the male teachers are not, so they should have more pay than them too. They never received an answer from the board.

This leads me to my first story about the swans in the lake, the difference between them. How the male swan is the one building, tending to and maintaining the nest for his ‘wife’ taking care of the eggs.

Which kind of contradicts the story of gender equality in the work field and yet not at all.

First it might seem like it, however, the equality is not about being the same, acting the same or even doing the same. We are different and what we are about to change is the way we perceive these differences. We are moving into a new paradigm, where it isn’t about being the same or acting the same way but honoring and seeing the upsides to our differences. And the pay is to be based on the job that is performed in general, not the gender of course.

We are NOT going back to how things were. Yet we are not to go against nature either. We are who we are, shaped the way we are and according to the energy that we are and represent here on Earth, male or female, masculine and feminine.

The story with the little girl joining school too late one morning is also a story of male dominans, of war, of disturbers of the peace. The reason why the feminine aspect is to lead the way now. We are done with warfare, done with treating each other poorly, done with having to defend and protect ourselves from bullies bigger than us. The feminine aspect is a creative one, a more introvert and silent one, reflective, spiritual and wise but most of all LOVE. The feminine energy is an actor, not re-actor. ‘She’ acts in love, nurturing, caring, movement, flow, peace, serenity. But for the feminine energy to be respected, we all need a masculine energy that will provide, motivate, protect, hold space and act more so than re-act.

(Action comes from love, reaction comes from ego).

Just before and right after the Spanish Flu, in 1920, we saw a change in the world in connection to gender equality. Now 100 years later we get a second chance. The COVID-19-pandemic has placed us in retrospective mode, facing a new way of life, opening doors to new and other possibilities for living and this has called us to act again.

Why the title From a Jack to a King?

Well, it is about maturity.

We as humans are maturing energetically.

We are not to be little princesses and react like it.

We are not to be jacks but kings of the future.

When a girl grows into a woman, she is to be responsible for her womanly life, her feminine energy. She is not to dominate the masculine energy, if she does, it is because she doesn’t feel safe and thus claims to need to be the provider, protector and the one holding space. The downside to this is that by doing so she leaves the male without space to be who he is in his masculinity. It creates some sort of gender confusion.

Yet, the male also spiritually evolves in his feminine aspect. BUT only to, when he is with a woman, fully understand her and her needs as a feminine, which primarily is for him to be her opposite, her masculine protector. Just as much as he needs her to be her feminine self, who loves him unconditionally, nurtures him from a tender heart and cares for the children they may create together or the ones he brings with him as much as her own.

We can do this. We can be our original self, and in that make true and natural space for each other and see the benefit of our beautiful differences and learn to utilize them better than we have done in the past.

*Of course, this may differ in homo-relationships and transgender relationships.

But we all hold feminine and masculine energy and one we relate more to than the other.

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

Holistic & Spiritual Coach

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