Energy News_November 19 - 21, 2021

Unique Inspiration

Powerful Blood Full Moon in Taurus & Lunar Eclipse

What an energy we have been through this past week. Deep introspection, emotions surfacing, exhaustion, tiredness, feelings of being uninspired, demotivated and simply just tired....Let me sleep kind of energy.

Today there is a complete turn-around of this energy moving you out of that and into an imaginative sphere, in which you will fly away into your lands of dreams.

Where do you really want to be, go and do?

Have you been too focused on the material world and gotten stuck in a job you feel so utterly done with? Do you have the love in your life that you desire? Have you been settling for less than what your heart tells you that it wants for you?

Now is the time for change!

This past week we have come into a higher awareness about ourselves in the physical world. We have been through old emotions, old ideas all of which had to surface to be looked at once again to finally be released.

Practicalities have been in the forefront. The little things, details and our every-day-life, still under the notion of change.

Today it is happening.

Today we are being released from the reins of old and outdated circumstances that we have allowed to control our lives for way too long now. We will be free!

We will be free because we have chosen to set ourselves free from the past and what it contained of mind controlling programs made to steer us in a certain direction. It is DONE!

Does it mean that we are becoming more critical?

No, it means that we stop asking ourselves what is realistic, because we know we don't know real realism. We understand that we don't know it all and instead we set ourselves up to the circumstances and ideal of the future, which is Channeler Consciousness, which in all simplicity means to go with the steam of constant guidance given to us by universal energies, divine messages. It is the ultimate release of control and instead a full surrender to energy flow without spiritual bypassing.

It is time for the new world to emerge and replace the long gone and outdated human programming.



The times that we are stepping into now are times where we lay down our armor and stop fighting each other, because we have stopped fighting ourselves.

This day we will stop to look at the areas of life, aspect of life, in which we have been at war.

Have you been at war with love, money, success?

Have you been fighting to defend yourself in any of these areas or other?

Today it all ends because humanity desires more LOVE, more LIFE, more UNDERSTANDING.

We are so done with JUDGEMENT which only keeps us from LOVE.

When you stop judging yourself, you stop judging all together.

Instead we start to ACCEPT and this creates a neutral energy which reaches for the higher vibrations of love and peace.

Choose to love the peace-loving Taurus energy today and set yourself free!

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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