Energy News_February 3, 2022

Mercury in going direct!

Yeah!!!! Finally!!!

Finally it's happening. Mercury is stationing to go direct again. And it's happening in the sign of Capricorn, bringing our communication and general expression down to earth. Whatever we have revisited during this retrograde will find its way into our physical form now.

Mercury being the planet of all communication have been teaching us about exactly this during the past weeks, since January 14 when it went retrograde. Revisiting our expression, reevaluating it, reappearing maybe even through old connections showing up out of the blue, redirecting us etc. Now that we have learned more, we are to bring it into good use and really start utilizing it, which we will be given multiple chances at before long.

You have walked the extra mile. You have made the effort to clear, cleanse and become so much wiser. You can do this.

BUT for now, it is wise to not get caught up in it as well and speak up too fast, eager to show our newly learned skills in communication and expression. Instead, we are guided to be curious about what others have learned during this time, and we are to be curious about ourselves in that aspect as well. It's like being a toddler, learning how to walk and talk. Be gentle with yourself and others during this time, as we might easily get to misunderstand and misinterpret our communication and general expression as we are learning how to be with it in this new life of ours.

So much is new now. Since Venus went direct on Saturday, January 29th, the 2/2/2022 portal with a grand shift into something totally new that we have never seen before, and now Mercury going direct as well.

Take time to rest and replenish yourself. Ask yourself before any kind of reaction; what would love do in this matter? How would love respond to this?

Spend your day today and the rest of the week in deep introspection. Find your new answers to the questions; what have I learned? How can I become my new expression and radiate this into the world now?

And remember....You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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