Energy News_December 7, 2021

Unique Inspiration

Why should you know about the daily energy?

What is it good for?

How can you use it?

First of all, the daily energy news are general guidelines and/or confirmations for us.

They are being shared through me to support and assist everyone who reads them on their path towards more self and less ego, which is the cause to the senses of separation and loneliness.

By receiving the daily forecast, so to speak, we get the chance to feel into oneness, into how we are all under the same influence, but interpret it differently based on the ego. They invite us into more love, more compassion, more togetherness and unity as well as show us how to look for the good and for love in everything, even the challenging energies. Only the ego can experience challenges and mainly it will react to when it is facing reduction.

You are being given the chance to receive these messages daily so you can use it to carry you through the day, knowing that what you are sensing, feeling, thinking and maybe reacting to is NOT only coming from you but from the overall energy. You are not alone EVER.

You can use it to bring yourself into the awareness of that exactly, which will eventually help you grow into more YOU, actual YOU and NOT your ego.

Now you may suggest that I speak of ego as if it is a bad thing. It is neither good nor bad, it is absolutely nothing. In the real reality it doesn't exist. It keeps us from seeing and living our real reality by keeping us captive in illusions and also on a very short leash.

Today's energy is about opposition.

The opposition introducing itself is this: Love vs ego. And yes, they are each others opposites. Actually, we usually say LOVE vs fear, but fear doesn't come from love, it has nothing to do with either your heart nor spirit, Fear is a fetus of the ego and thus is as unreal as the ego.

Today we are all guided to look inwards into what we fear the most and then look for the love in it. Our fears are only here to tell us about the real reality, which is always its opposite.

My deepest fear is if someone wants to control me, it feels like imprisonment to me. I react immediately from my ego with anger when or if it should occur. When I look for the love in it, the love is surrender. That the real love, which is all there is, is what I am being shown to surrender to, because it is only in love that we will ever frond true freedom.

What is your deepest and most profound fear?

Find that and find the opposite and choose to move into that reality.

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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