Do You Believe in Love?

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When people ask me if I believe in God, what I am actually hearing them ask me is if I believe in Love. The answer will always and forever be YES, I do.

Love as the Only Energy

I believe in LOVE as the ONLY energy that we need to connect with, the only source, the only light.

I not only believe in it, I have complete faith in it at all times. Translated into a more religious sound it would sound something like: I have faith in God. So, I don't only believe in love, I have faith in love.

I don't consider myself religious though, but I do consider myself as a woman of faith. A godly woman, some would call it. Again, in my personal and internal translation it would be to say that I am a loving woman. Everything I do, I do for love; the love of my actual self, which is to love my love and extend it, first to the ones closest to my heart, next to all living beings, situations or anything of nature that is entering my sphere of focus in whatever way it chooses to appear.

If we don't believe in God, does that mean we don't believe in Love? No, not necessarily. But it does mean that we might not fully understand what love really is.

  • Love does not produce fear, it only expands and lives through extension.

  • Love does not judge, it has already forgiven everything, because it understands that there is nothing to forgive.

  • Love does not envy, because it understands that there is no sacrifice and what envy is comes from a sense of having the right to take possession of something that wasn't meant for us in the first place, so we aren't sacrificing our right to anything.

  • Love always provides exactly what we need when we need it, and with this truth it is only up to us to unveil it through our understanding of the truth that it presents us with.

  • Love is not special and is not established in a special relationship, it is unique and can shine its light in any relationship with anyone at all times.

  • Love is not sex. Sex is an act to produce pleasure, often at times when we feel some kind of internal pain.

  • Making love, on the other hand, is a union created in love, true and pure love, which is based on a complete surrender of the individual sense of self by becoming one with the person we are inviting that close. To enter a space in which there is no 'me' and only oneness with each other.

  • Love does not take, because it has no need. It is complete and whole in itself, and thus doesn't ask when to give either, it shares at all times.

And I could go on and on and on....I won't though or else this text would become way too long.

Ask Yourself

If you dare to ask yourself the question, whether you believe in love or not, and if you dare to pay attention to your own answer, you are a long way already. Don't ask yourself if you believe in God, you don't have to ask that at all. God doesn't care. What matters to God is that you have faith in love and loving. Starting with yourself. Only through the love of yourself you can extend it to others. And only through loving yourself you can reflect the love from others.

God loves you through the people or animals that love you.

God loves those you love through you.

We are all channels of the divine love, unconditional love, pure love and true love.

And we are all expressions of that love (or lack thereof) all the time.

The less ego/fear, the more we make room for the love that we are to shine through.

The more we do that, the more we are actually able to receive.

Everything in our individual life experience is a reflection of what we ourselves believe about ourselves. Do you believe yourself worthy of love?

Are you lovable?

Are you good enough?

Do you trust yourself and/or others?

Everything starts from within and with just one question: Do you believe in love? The following question, birthed by the first question and its response, might be a bit harder to answer: Do you have faith in love?

To believe is one thing, to have faith quite another

Faith is of the heart, believe is of the mind. We can still believe something when being stuck in our ego, but the ego does not allow us to have faith. To reach a state of faith, we have to come to terms with making a reduction of the ego, and on a daily basis. So much so that we feel like we have a split mind; one that is filled with ego telling us of all the dangers we might face sometime in the future, which then causes us a lot of worry, anxiety and so on. Or to step into the mind that has decided to focus on love, which becomes the observer of ourselves, a kind of watchdog that tells us when something is from the ego. So when we are in our ego, it will guide us home, back into love.

When we have done this for a while and really gotten to know our ego, we can choose to only focus on love, because the 'right' side of the mind has become bigger and stronger, strong enough to not be on watch all the time. When this happens faith becomes our reality. We let our heart lead the way, and when this happens, all we see in others will be their love.

Sure, it takes time, and we will go in and out of this continuously, maybe for the rest of our lives, but better that than to live a life that really isn't lived because it is lived in the mind that has imprisoned our love and faith and kept us from the truth. The truth is, and this is a fact, that love is what we are and it only grows and manifests when extended (shared).

Embark on the Journey of Love

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LOVE is the ONLY spiritual ability that you will ever need!

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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