Before Tomorrow You Need To Know This...

Tomorrow Spring Equinox is here, in the Northern hemisphere that is. In the Southern hemisphere it is Fall Equinox. No matter where you are in the world, North, South, East or West, we all are going to feel the impact of this shift in season and we are all guided by the same source.

So, what is it that is so imperative to know before tomorrow arrives?

Standards, is the answer, standards...!

This weekend we feel the energetically push towards going for our dream life, nothing less than that will do. We feel it in our core, in our bones and very much in our hearts. We have this urgent desire for more, more, more. And this is a perfect state to be in. It doesn't mean that you are not grateful for what you have, where you are and whom you are with. No, it has everything to do with the feeling of not being completely fulfilled. There is something more out there and it is your time to go get that. But before you can do that, gain the more you are after, no matter what it is, it is important to bring yourself in alignment with that which you want. If you are not in alignment, the universe can't bring it to you, and why is that exactly? Simply due to the law of vibration, the fundamental law of the universe, before the law of attraction. You need to bring yourself into energetically alignment, machine vibration, with that which you want and desire.

Everything is Energy

- Everything is energy and it moves like this;

Imagine yourself being happy and then you meet a person you know who is very sad. If you hadn't known this person already, chances are that you would ever meet that person when you are profoundly happy is 0 to nothing. You would simply be completely invisible to one another. But in case you already know this person and they call you or come over, the energy will move in one of two directions; either you fall unto their level of vibration , sadness being a low vibration and much lower than happiness, would mean that you would experience a fall in your vibration. OR, if you are standing strong in your vibration of happiness, they would have to climb up to meet you on that vibration. Depending on who is the strongest in their feeling will be the one attracting the other. The same thing goes for what it is you wish to see manifested in your life.

A way to measure this is through taking a very close look at our standards. What would you look like, feel like, think like when you have that in your life that you wish to manifest right now?


What standards does that future self of yours hold to have ever attracted the new circumstances, adventures, livelihood that you are in?

When you have answered these questions you know you goal, thus you know your direction. Now go for it. BE IT NOW. Every second you don't take these standards on, you are delaying your manifestations.

Love your future self forward into your present moment and live you life according to it all the way and in every way.

If what you wish to manifest feels like it is above you - RISE to get it! Lift yourself up little by little or in one big stroke. YOU CAN DO IT. And you know why? Because you deserve it and nothing less than that.

Tell your ego to shut up and listen to the one true source of guidance - You soul.

If you want to know more, learn more, get more tools and expand into all that you actually are as the unique creation of love and co-creator with the universe that you truly are too, join me tomorrow for my Spring Equinox Event. Just click right here and book you spot.

Oh...and if you would like a private session with me, you can get your VIP Ticket there too, and goes what..By ordering your session here and now, you get to safe $80. WOW, right?!

Why do I give such a discount?

- Because my goal in my life is to help as many people as I possibly can live the life and love they deserve and as fast as possible - NOW! To be the unique expression o life and love that they truly are. NOW AND NOT LATER.

In fact, once we have learned to BE IT we will not think about it anymore, but desire and want what's on the next level of the ladder.

Standards is what moves us out of uncertainty and into certainty. It is the passage of courage we go through between the two polarities.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and lift yourself to the next level to meet your future life?

GREAT!! Good for you!! Do it now!!!

If you feel like you would like someone to assist you with it and on this wonderful journey towards your best life, then I am here to do just that.

You are my primary priority - You are the reason that I do what I do. There is nothing more that I want than for you to absolutely thrive in your life, in you love life and in your present as well as in your future.

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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