A Whole New Life & A Whole New Beginning

...whatever that means for you...but with a general idea of something very specific, which I will get into now.

The New

This intensity in the energy can't be mistaken. It wants YOU. And it wants you to come to the realization that you DESERVE to live your best possible life every day and in every way. Whatever is holding you back from that is nothing but an illusion and that illusion has to die - for real this time around. If you would like FREE help and support from me to do this, I will tell you how you can get to do that at then end of this article.

It is not just empty talk, when the messages we are getting, or I am getting to share with you, tell us to LET GO OF THE PAST. Seriously, the past is always and forever going to wear us down, drain us from life force energy because it removes us from the now in which we exist ONLY.

Yet...The past is kind'a having a revival in this energy, and I will get into what I mean by that. Because we have to let go of the past to change it and do it better the second time around. But not your past, but the past in terms of you lineage. Again, I will explain it in the following, but first...

Today is another, however more subtle and minor to the first one, 666-Portal.


And this leads me to....

Painting of The Battle at Lyndanisse in 1219 by the artist C.A. Lorentzen (1809)

Dannebrog, the oldest national flag in the world

Today is Valdemar's Day in Denmark, which is a day of celebration of our national flag, Dannebrog, which can be translated into Banner of the Danes. History says that on this day in the year 1219, under a Danish crusade in Estonia, the Danish King Valdemar had to pray to God for help to win the battle, and as God's answer to Valdemar, Dannebrog fell from the sky, and God asked him to hold the banner high and he would be victorious. King Valdemar listened and followed God's command, and won. This king, Valdemar was called Valdemar Victory, because he usually won every battle he ever joined.

Dannebrog is historically and without a doubt the older national flag in the world. Later the other Northern countries joined in on the flag with a cross but in their own colors.

This relates to the energy like this:

Even if this is a minor portal to the first one we just went through, it is still with a HUGE message of a whole new beginning of a whole new life. Just like the day when the Danish flag was said to fall from the sky. And how does this Danish story relate to this energy today?

Well, the banner or flag symbolizes 'community' as well as a Divine message of 'victory'.

In short and more direct message, it says: Unite and you will be victorious in whatever you have in your vision.

The Danes were about to loose the battle, when King Valdemar called to God for help. God's answer was a banner of red with a white cross.

Why was this God's answer to the king?

Because symbols work! A symbol unites, brings people together and give them something to have in common, something to make them a team. And we use it all the time. We know it from religions, sports teams, businesses and families etc.

Yes, families too, especially the old or royal ones. Symbols are what makes us recognizable to each other and tells a story of where we come from or belong to.

This is my families Coat of Arms, on my dad's side of the family, the Lund genus (see pic on the right).

My business, House of Idems, of course also has a logo.

And when I first established The Sacred Tent, I received this (pic on the left), which I thought was to be the logo of the community, which later turned out to be called The Key to Life and is now the symbol I use for and in all my work.

This leads me to the next topic that comes up for today: FAMILY

This morning I was woken up at 5.46 am and I immediately recognized this as a message, an angel number, and this number says:

A family is a unite of blood, DNA and karma (also known as tradition and family culture).

The next question is then, what on earth family has to do with a new beginning and new life?

But before we go into finding the answer to this, I want to share this with you as well, a funny story as to how the universe always works FOR us and never against us.

These past days I have felt like I needed or wanted to call my grandmother (my dad's mom) but something kept getting in the way or I got away from the thought. Today I was meant to FaceTime my dad but instead I ended up facetiming my grandmother. My dad is first on the list, my grandmother the third under 'F' and still I ended up calling her. This was a direct message for me to get it done. And that is how the universe works - through support and direct action. Besides being my grandmother, she has also been my greatest support in my spiritual work and search in Christianity as a Gnostic Christian. She is also the one I look most alike, and so much that it sometimes leaves me in shock, and other family members as well. This beautiful lady is 91 years old this year (and still going strong). So, here is how I will look like in approximately 50 years from now. LOL

For me, personally, this energy of new beginning and new life is referring to this connection with my grandmother. She once told me how she wished that she could have had the opportunities I have had as a woman and mother, so I see my life very much in alignment with her's and an elevation of it into that life she would have wanted. I see it as a 'second chance' for us.

And as it is with the universal energies, we are being guided and directed in a ways that can't be misinterpreted - They even send a man into my life that looks incredibly similar to my grandfather. Even my grandmother thinks so.....

CLEARING TFAMILY KARMA = this energy of a new beginning and new life.

We get the chance to CHANGE our family culture, structure and traditions.

The reason for this is to CHANGE our perception of the concept of UNITY, UNIONS and LOVE CONNECTIONS.